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Mixed Berry Trifle Pudding

1 pack fresh/frozen raspberries
1 pack fresh/frozen blueberries

1 pack fresh/frozen strawberries
1 pack Duncan Hines white/yellow cake mix
16 oz Coolwhip (regular)
7 oz Jello Vanilla Instant Pudding mix
3 cups milk

Bake the cake as per the instructions on the box. Cool, and cut it into about 2 inch pieces.
In a separate container, add milk to the pudding mix and mix it well so that there are no lumps.
Trifle bowl would be perfect but if you dont have one, use a deep clear glass dish (this is not a requirement...just makes it look pretty)
Layer the cake pieces in the bowl.
then add the raspberries.
Add a layer of pudding
then add the blueberries
Add a layer of thawed coolwhip
and decorate with strawberries on top.
You can layer the fruit/pudding/whipcream in any order that you like.
Let it sit in the refrigerator for about 4 hours atleast to make sure the frozen berries are thawed and the juices get into the pudding and whipcream.

You can also buy pound cake from store and use it instead of baking your own cake. That would make this a quick dessert to put together for even a very large group of people.

Serve chilled. Serves about 10 people(generously)

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