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Interesting MeMe..

This is the first time, I got tagged for a MeMe. Trupthi @ RecipeCenter tagged me on the thought-provoking '10 Things You Hate' MeMe and here are my thoughts...

Hate is a very strong word, and I'd like to use it very very carefully.. So, here are the 10 Things I Dislike..(In no particular order)

1.An empty house
Yes, I am a people person. Some alone time is good. But I cant take more than some.. ! I love to have family & friends around.. chatting.. laughing.. and living. .!

2.Cool Villain portrayals in movies
Giving the wrong idea to some minds that "stealing" is cool in some way.. ! You know what movie I am talking about.. Bad things are bad. No matter how cool the way they are done in..

3.Lack of concern
For people, for feelings.. for things.. whatever.. Not acceptable behavior in my books.

4.The value attached to "appearance" of things/people.
The whole world seems to revolve around Superficial, outward, appearances without any emphasis on substance these days.. What is going on !! Wake up people !

5.Headache-causing music
Annoying, loud, head-banging music, especially when stopped at the red lights ! Oh so frustrates me..

6.Addictions of all sorts
Smoking esp - Zero Tolerance. Gambling, Drinking... or even excessive chewing gum..or excessive chatting..or excessive blogging even.. Too much of anything IS too bad.

7.Bad/Foul language
The **** words that seem to become like a fashion statement of some sort. In Movies, At work.. in general everywhere.. I dont like to read/hear any.. I dont understand why something with a bad meaning can sound good..if its used over and over.. doesnst it get worse and annoying !?

8.An idle mind..
Is a devil's workshop.. and I truly believe that.. life is better if there are things to think about and do..

9.Not being there for someone I love
This is something common among many people I am sure.

10.A sink full of dishes
Self-explanatory :)

To continue the chain, I'd like to tag on this Meme -
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Thanks Trupthi for tagging me on this, it was fun.


Siri said...

Thanks Pallavi for tagging me for this Meme.. sounds interesting! will do it soon.


Kalai said...

I totally agree with you about a lot of what you said! Foul language definitely grates on my nerves!!

Sujatha said...

Good MeMe's. I agree with you, I too hate that annoying, vibrating music that I hear at the stop lights..

Maheswari said...

I can relate to some of the things u listed here... i am ok with "sink full of vessels " but, "folding clothes" i hate it so much....i wish i could get it straight from the dryer everyday..:D

Asha said...

Cool MeMe! I hate loud music too, music should soothing!:)
Thanks for tagging me. Stopped doing MeMes last year after doing many many!:D

Trupti said...

Hey Pallavi, nice to read about you. thanks for participating

Mona said...

Pallavi, I also hate almost all of what you too! :-) Very well written MeMe!

Trupti said...

Hey Pallavi,Check My blog there is surprise for you.

Pallavi @ All Thingz Yummy said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments.. Its fun to share such things isnt it.. !

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