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Al dente : Pasta cooked "to the tooth", until it's ready-to-eat but slightly firm to the bite.

Blanching : Immersing a food item in boiling water to partially cook, loosen the skin, etc. Timing is important (which is different for each item). E.g. if you blanch tomatoes, you cannot leave them in the hot water for more than a couple of minutes, as they will lose their firmness. Almonds on the other hand can be left till the water cools, as the skin will then come off easily.

Besan: This is a flour made out of ground bengal gram or black chana Dal. Its used in various recipes. It is also used as a facial exfoliant.

Boondhi Strainer: Cooking Utensil. Fine holed (round holes) shallow strainer

Cuisine:Fusion: A dish that involves the flavors of different cuisines. e.g: Chicken Manchuria (Indo - Chinese)

Cuisine:North Indian: Recipes originated from the northern states of India(mostly from Punjab). But widely famous throughout the country.

Cuisine:South Indian:Recipes originated from the southern states of India(mostly from Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu). But widely famous throughout the country.

Cardamom : See the post on spices

Grate : To reduce a large piece of food to coarse or fine threads by rubbing it against a serrated surface or a grater.

Karahi/ Kadhai / Kadai: Cooking Utensil. Wide, heavy, round at the base, medium depth, pan used for frying in Indian Cooking.

Muruku Press: Its a cylindrical, cookie press like gadget used to make muruku, karapu poosa and other traditional south indian snacks.

Pressure Cooker : Cooking Utensil. Wide, heavy as the name says, used to pressure cook food. This is a must have in all kitchens !

Tandoor: Its a cylindrical clay oven used in Punjab region, northern India and Pakistan in which food is cooked over a hot charcoal file.

Urad Dal: See the post on lentils/dals

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