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Showing as Gromit on TOI mistakenly

I am not sure why some of my posts are showing up as authored by Gromit/SASHREE.

Does anyone have any inputs on this ?

UPDATE:I think its because I changed my profile name. I am making sure I post with my old profile name, and it seems to be picking up correctly now..


Divya said...

Hey Pallavi, It happened a few weeks ago to my posts as well on FoodWorld. You may want to email the admin to check into the problem. I guess the feeds get mixed up somehow. They should be able to take care of it.
That is what I did.

Meera said...

I faced the similar problem a few weeks ago. As soon as I changed my profile name by adding a suffix, all my posts were shown as by Gromit. So I changed my profile name back to the original and then now it is working fine. I do not know why it happened or how it was fixed. but thought of sharing my experience.

Vibaas said...

Hi Pallavi, yours seem to show your name now? Can you please tell me hot it got fixed? Mine shows as Gromit as well

kamalagk said...

Hi Pallavi,Me too sailing in the same boat..Don't know what to do?
If you find any solution pls inform me

Pallavi said...

OK. Meera's comment helped me figure out. Looks like what she said is correct. If we change our profile name, it might seem to have a problem.

Pallavi said...

Thanks Meera !

Naina said...

Thanks Pallavi. But my problem is the reverse. My profile name was Gromit ( which i changed after this fiasco) but now whoever changes their profile name get linked to my blog through the old name. I'll try fixing this again but i'm losing hope. Thanks for your help.

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