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Healthy Whole Wheat Flat Bread with Spinach/Palak Paratha

Leafy vegetables are one of the best sources for iron and other vital nutrients that the body needs.. I try to incorporate them in our diet in many different ways. Here is one really yummy way to serve up the spinach. You may substitute spinach with other leafy vegetables too. I use a different variation for Methi/Fenugreek.. that I'll post soon.. Meanwhile.. keep serving the greens.. with this delicious spinach bread..

3 Cups Whole Wheat Flour
3 Cups Spinach (chopped - Fresh/Frozen-thawed)
2 Tbsp oil/Ghee
1 Tbsp Carom seeds (Ajwain)
salt as per taste
Chilli powder as per taste (optional)
In a large mixing bowl, mix all the ingredients together use water if needed. Since I used the frozen spinach the water from the thawed spinach was sufficient. The consistency should be such that the dough can be stetched with a rolling pin without being sticky or too hard. It should be soft. Cover the bowl with lid and let it sit atleast for 30 minutes.

Then make large lemon size balls, use dry flour while expanding the dough ball into a round about 6-8 inch diameter, 1/4 inch thick disks. Heat up a heavy bottomed wide pan, smear it with some oil or ghee and put the paratha/bread when its hot. Let it cook.. turn sides to not burn ..smear some oil/ghee on each side if needed..and turn with a flat spatula style spoon and when done, put it in a large down and cover with a lid. Finish them all up.

Serve hot with any vegetable chutney or plain yogurt. Its yummy just by itself too. For my little one, I smear some extra ghee on top.. and he loves it.. !!Another great way to get that all important spinach into the tummy.. :)

Enjoy !!


Happy cook said...

Really true, it looks healthy and delicious.

Sunshinemom said...

Oooh! Nice hot stack just waiting to be dug in! This is an awesome paratha. I too make this often though I like methi better than spinach but if my husband makes he is also generous with butter and all of us relish it better!

Pallavi said...

YUM! I've tried making parathas, but my dough always comes out sticky. I'll have to try it with the frozen spinach next time. Thanks for the recipe.

AnuSriram said...

Thats nutritious! Looks perfect and delicious!

Alka said...

Wow i am about to post methi parathas,i love greens in my foods and parathas are always welcome since one can play around with stuffing and ingredients and lo..loads of variants are ready to gobble
Never tried with spinach till now...but why not??will surely give it a shot

Vanamala said...

u mixed spinach and methi looks perfect and helathy too.

Trupti said...

Parathas looks very delicious Pallavi. I usually use spinach puree. Next time I will try chopped spinach

Happy Sankranti !!

Uma said...

mmm. the parotas look so mouth-watering and healthy! Happy Sankranthi!

Usha said...

The parathas look wholesome and delicious :-)

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow methi is my favourite... Parathas look yummy...

meeso said...

This is my favorite flat bread, looks so delicious!

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