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Indonesian Chicken Curry in Coconut Sauce

One of my co-workers, who likes spicy indian food.. sent an email to me the other day with a recipe his mom sent over for him to try... "I thought it was pretty good and reminded me of some Indian dishes I have had before. The coconut really helped to give it a nice curry “like” consistency but we all agreed that it was missing a little bit of spice (below is actually an updated version of that recipe with a few items that might add that kick). A refreshing and different dish to say the least. I have also found that when you have all of these ingredients on hand it’s so much easier to want to cook ;-)" ..and shared with me the recipe..for the Indonesian Chicken Coconut Curry...

Over the weekend, I tried it and I was really amazed with the results. I modified it a little bit to the liking of my family..and that is what I have posted here..

2-3 lbs Chicken (skinless, boneless , cut into chunks)
1.5 Tbsp. chili powder (use 1 Tbsp for a milder version)
1.5 Tbsp Sambar Powder (The original recipe called for 1 tbsp. curry powder, 1 tbsp. turmeric powder , 1 tsp. cumin - I didnt have the curry powder or the cumin powder ready, so used the Sambhar powder instead)
1/2 Tbsp Garlic (minced/chopped)
1 large onion (chopped finely)
2 medium sized tomatoes(roughly chopped)
1/2 c. chopped cilantro
2 tbsp. oil
1 can coconut milk
Salt and pepper to taste

Heat oil in big pan and add the turmeric to it.
Then fry onion, tomatoes and garlic for a few minutes.
Then add the chicken and continue cooking for about 5-10 minutes on medium heat.
Add all the spices. Stir everything together for a few minutes and cook until the chicken is well done. Add the coconut milk, adjust salt, chilli powder and masala if needed. Stir well, and let it simmer for another 5 minutes until the gravy starts bubbling.. and some oil starts to separate. Add chopped cilantro, mix well and Turn off the heat.

It was really delicious, tastes very much like Tikka Masala.. and I will make this often, coz it was quite quick and simple to make.. Serve with Rice/Chapathi/Nan. Enjoy !!

Definitely a keeper..Thanks to David and his mom for sharing..!


Happy cook said...

Wowo the sauce looks so yumm. I have never added sambar powder to chicken dish.
It must have tasted yummy delicious.

Priya said...

Curry looks delicious...

Swapna said...

very different. looks yummy

Kitchen Flavours said...

Adding sambar powder to chicken is something new. Will try this sometime. Looks yummy.

SriLekha said...

looks yum and delicious!

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