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Round up of Sunday Snacks - Chaats & the next theme...

First of all an announcement -

The next edition that will run during June & July months will be hosted by dear Priya of Akshayapaatram.

I hope you will all continue to participate in the event series and make it fun and useful for all of us.. :) Check out the awesome collection of Chaats below.. and head on over to Priya's for another exciting edition of Sunday Snacks..

Now coming to the Roundup of the Chaats edition..

Yes, this will be one place you wont want to miss if you are looking for delicious chaat recipes.. ! I have always wanted to collect different types of recipes for easy browsing.. and what wonderful way than these event roundups.. !

When I announced this event, I was mostly looking for the classic favorites.. and to my surprise, I got not only those but also some recipes that are interesting twists to the classic favorites.. There are many kinds of "puris","tikkis", "vadas" and other chaats.. So, here, I present to you the yummiest chaat collection ever.. :) Enjoy..

Aloo Tikkis By Divya Vikram
Cutlet chat by AnuSriram
Chaat ~ Cocktail Idly ~ Leftover Makeover By kalva
Samosa Chaat By Asha
V(w)ada Pav by Usha Nandini by Sree
Soy Tikki by Pallavi
Bhel Puri by Pallavi
Pav Bhaji by Pallavi
Papdi Chaat by Ujwala Mohan
Dahi Puri by Ujwala Mohan
Panipuri by Ujwala Mohan
Kachauri by Ujwala Mohan
Onion Pakoras by Ujwala Mohan
Soosla by Shruthi
Masal Vadai/Vada by a2zvegetariancuisine
Vegetable Rosti by Sunita
Healthy Sprouted Bhel by Muskaan Shah
Plantain & Black Bean Veggie Patty by Muskaan Shah
Methi Na Gota / Bengal Gram Fenugreek Spinach Cilantro Fritters by Muskaan Shah
Aloo Chaat by EC
Ussal Pav by Meera
Vada Pav by KavyaNaimish
Tomato Bajji by KavyaNaimish
Masala Vada by KavyaNaimish
Sabudana Vada by KavyaNaimish
Pav Bhaji by Sree Vidya
Veg Cutlet by Sree Vidya
Veg Samosas by Sree Vidya
Chole Masala by Sree Vidya
Camping Bhel Puri with Fava Beans by VnV
Pav Bhaji by Kalyani
Puffed Rice Chaat by Kalyani
Spicy Aloo Chaat by Chaitra
Pani Puri by Neha
Bhel Puri by Neha
Pav Bhaji by Neha
Aloo Palak Tikki by Priyasuresh
Spicy Mango Slices by Priyasuresh
Thenga Manga Pattani Sundal by Priyasuresh
Fruit Chaat by Divya Rao
Sev Puri by Poornima
Sookha Bhel by Prathibha
Corn Bhel by Prathibha
Pav Bhaji by Prathibha
Masala Vada by Prathibha
Upma Tikki by Prathibha
Papdi Chaat by Malini
Doi Boda/Dahi Vada by Malini
Jhal Moori by Malini
Masala Puri by Rashmi B N
Vegetable Pakoras by Rashmi B N
Tomato Masala by Rashmi B N
Pav Bhaji by Rashmi B N
PavBhaji by Prasu
Ragda Patties by SuperChef
Bhel Mix By Srilakshmi
Pani Puri By Srilakshmi
Pav Bhaji By Srilakshmi
Papdi Chaat by Shifa Feroz
Bhel Puri by aquadaze

Thats It ! That was a wonderful list to put together.. !! See you all at the next edition..of Sunday Snacks. Please let me know if I have missed any thing.. Thanks !
Here are the roundups for the previous editions of Sunday Snacks Series -

Sunday Snacks - Grab n Go
Sunday Snacks - Hot n Spicy
Sunday Snacks - Fix It
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This event series was initiated by Hima of SnackORama and I have been doing it from a while after she left to India and wanted someone to continue this.. Its a fun event.. right from thinking up the event, to posting the roundup, you never know how many delicious yummy surprises you get.. ! If you are interested in hosting this wonderful event, do let me know..


Recipe Center said...

wow Pallavi wonderful round up so many snack entries

Prathibha said...

So many chaats..Nice round up..

FoodShoutOut said...

You have some great recipes on your site and it would be great if you could share them at is a place for people to discover and share great indian recipes from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog, surfaces the best stuff as voted on by users.

Khaugiri said...

Wow what a jumbo round up! Thanks a lot dear......

Malini said...

wow Pallavi! so many mouth-watering entries...

SriLekha said...

wonderful round up you would have posted the photos also!

EC said...

Appears chaats are everyone's fav..good job

Superchef said...

thats such a fab list of mouthwatering chaats!! awesome round up!

SriLekha said...

hi! join in the EFM-Breakfast and Variety Rice Series going in my blog!

Alisa@Foodista said...

Fabulous round up here Pallavi! I followed you from the foodieblogroll and your site is an excellent resources for Indian recipes! I love it!I'd love to guide our readers to your site if you won't mind. Just add this foodista widget to this post and it's all set to go, Thanks!

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

So many chaat varieties wow simply amazing and what a fab round up!!!

Pavithra said...

NIce roundup... so many varieties of chaats superb and keep rocking

Aysha said...

Yummy chaat recipes...Amazing roundup!!!

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