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Variety is Key...

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For Age Groups 6 Months - 4 Years

I read somewhere, and notice it every day.. that this is the age where most of the food habits are formed for life.. So its very important that we as moms inculcate healthy, good eating habits. My whole reason why I started this food blog.. was to motivate myself to try different things, and create little cooking challenges for that I not only make a different variety of things for my child that are healthy and tasty..but also for me and my husband for a better health for all of us.. And ofcourse since I do in general keep trying different things, I thought this way of creative expression, would be fun while making it valuable to myself and everyone who is interested in things I make :)

I feel growing up in South India, I was so used to eating rice, its extremely difficult for me to not eat it now.. Eating until the stomach is full.. is another common practice in many homes.. ! So, there comes in the problem with portion control.. Now, when you combine, white rice and no portion control, your carb intake becomes a total disaster.. with taking in too much not-so-useful carbs..

Variety is key.

The more variety there is, the better R tends to eat. It is more effort for me, but its so worth-while when he asks for more and eats whatever I give him. So, I try on most days (well I'd like to do something everyday but it is just too hard, with my schedule).. I try to give him different things. If its rice and curry on monday, its noodles on tuesday.. and chapathi on wednesday.. may be thursday I'll give him rice again with different vegetable curries.. and something else on friday.. He tends to eat whatever I give him when I maintain this variety.. It helps not only in making him eat better, but also incorporate different things in his diet.

Incorporate, whole grains in the diet as much as possible. It provides the much needed carbohydrates, but also provides the fiber that aids in easier digestion of foods.. in addition to all the other benefits.. Try cracked wheat, brown rice, whole wheat, oats instead of the regular white rice.. I am only trying to do this recently..with some decent success..

It important to make them try all different types of food from different food groups so that they get a balanced diet too. R didnt like spinach.. when I gave it to him the first time, second time, third time.. and then he started liking it.. If they dont prefer it once, try again in a different for after a couple of weeks, keep trying and never give up.. really :) Especially things like fruits and vegetables... that provide some special vitamins and minerals that are scarce in other foods..

Some recipe ideas ...

Easy Yummy Granola Flax Treats

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and many more.. browse the Kid-Friendly recipes, Nutritious recipes .. for more ideas..

I would love to hear from all of you.. Do share your thoughts..and your stories..

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