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Yummy n Easy Spicy Oats soup

I wish I were an oatmeal liker.. But sadly I just dont enjoy it that much. But, with the desire of wanting to eat more oats because they are so healthy, I decided to try spicing it up a bit.. ! I am really happy with the results, and will make this very often.

2 Large tomatoes(chopped)
1 Cup Rolled Oats (I use the old fashioned ones.. which are whole pieces not broken)
1 Cup Green peas
1/2 cup Green onion (chopped roughly)
1 Tbsp Garlic (minced)
2 tsp oil for tempering
1 Cup Organic Vegetable broth (optional - but adds the extra nutrition)
salt as per taste
Black pepper powder as per taste
water as per desired consistency. (I like the soup a little thicker and not too dilute)
In a sauce pan, heat the oil, add garlic, green onion, oats and saute for a few minutes. Add chopped tomatoes and saute some more. When the tomatoes start to ooze out juice and cook, and broth, let it simmer for about 5 minutes. Add green peas, Add about 2-3 cups of water and let it simmer until the tomatoes are all cooked. (about 10 minutes) Add salt, black pepper as per your liking and let it reduce to desired consistency.

Serve hot ! Was really yummy and perfect on the snowy wednesday evening.. ! My son loved it too.. I was happy I liked this, and could incorporate more oats into my daily diet in a tasty way.. My mind is bursting with lot more ideas.. will post them as I try them :) Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this !


srikars kitchen said...

wow.. looks perfect & yummy.. nice click..

Sharmila said...

Oats in a soup?! That is so new Pallavi! Looks good too. :-)

Priya said...

This oats soup is in my to do list from long, looks delicious!!

meeso said...

I am the same way with oats, sometimes I like them with lots of sugar, but that's not always healthy... I saw a recipe for upma using oats that looked tasty... this looks good, too... I like the oats being spiced up!

Experience Bliss said...

I love this idea, really creative. i am definitely going to try this.

Usha said...

Loved the idea of oats in a soup, looks delicious :-)

Divya Vikram said...

Great idea to spice up oats.

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