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Announcing Event - Yummy Festival Feast - Diwali

Yummy Festival Feast - Diwali

...will be the first event with this new event series. Diwali the most popular Indian Festival and what else better than starting with it ? The Festival Date this year is : Oct 29th 2008 (as per my internet sources :))

Diwali/Deepavali - Basically means a row of lights. People light diya/deepam (oil lamps) and celebrate with fireworks too..Good food is always a part of all festivals.. and Diwali the time when many people exchange their sweet foods with neighbours and friends. It is celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists too. Its the beginning of the financial year for many traditional businessmen in India. Its end of the harvest season.. and Farmers thank and pray for future harvests. In my hometown, kids of all matter what religion enjoy the lights and food of Diwali.. So to celebrate this festival in our virtual world.. I'd like to invite you to send some wonderful Diwali recipes to the Yummy Festival Feast-Diwali event.

What to make ?
Everybody makes different things for each festival.. So, anything that would be good to make for the festival would work (it could be something very traditional like Pulihora/ Muruku/ Jilebi / Modak.. or it could be something contemporary too, but it has to be something special.. you make for festivals/special occasions..(Everyday white bread/plain rice type of things will not be appropriate for this event.. but Some special Paratha.. or like Biryani will be ok..Please dont hesitate to ask me if you have doubts..)You can also send in "Naivedhyam/Prashad" offerings that you might make. Here are some Ideas at A.T.Y

What are the food restrictions ?
Should be appropriate to serve for the festival. (Even though we are non-vegetarians by dietary habits, most festival celebrations in my family involve vegetarian food only. We do not serve any meat/eggs on days of the festival) For Diwali, vegetarian is preferable. But you are welcome to send something else if that is your way of celebrating it. I am sure everyone has a different way of celebrating each festival. But, please do restrict the meats to - Lamb/Goat ,Chicken, Fish and Shrimp only.

What information should be on the recipe page about this event ?
Every post must include information about this event and a link to this announcement page and later to the roundup. If you are posting from archives also, same rules apply. Link to this post, and also to roundup later. Link with picture logo if possible.

When is the last date for submitting the entries ?
Oct 25th 2008. Sorry ! No entries will be accepted after this date.

Where to send all the entries ?
Send an email -
To: allthingzyummy(at)gmail(dot)com (special characters typed out to avoid spam)
Subject: Yummy Festival Feast-Diwali

What information to send with the entry submission?
Please copy over the following section into your email message area and fill in the appropriate details as listed -

Your Name:
Blog Name : (Non Bloggers dont need to put this in)
Recipe Name :
Recipe URL/Recipe Link: (Non Bloggers dont need to put this in)
Recipe Type: (Pick one from Soup/Salad, Starters, Main Course, Curries/Gravies , Side Dish, Dessert/Sweet, Other)
Image: (Bloggers - This is optional, if you dont send it, I'll still have a link in the roundup to your recipe.. ) Non-Bloggers - Please send in an image with the email if possible.

Summary: Any festival related traditions you want to share with everyone or something about your recipe you may want to say..for a quick summary of what it is. (This is optional)

Are multiple entries allowed ?
Multiple Entries are allowed. Send in as many as you like.

Are archived posts ok?
Making something for this event would be awesome.. ! But I do understand its not always possible to make what we want within the timeframes for the events. So, archive posts are ok too but the posts must included the link mentioned below.

When will the roundup be posted ?
My plan is to post it before the actual festival, so that people who are looking for ideas will find the roundup helpful. There may be a change of plans depending on the participation and I'll surely announce if there is a delay.

What if I have other questions not answered here ?
Please post them as comments to this post. I will answer them as soon as I can.

So, Get your creative juices going and share your end results with everyone..
Thanks for your interest in this event and I look forward to your participation !!

Enjoy !

NOTE: This event has ended now. The Roundup has been posted here. Please check the "Events" page for more details on other events.


meeso said...

I can't wait to see all the entries!!!

sowmya said...

good going to get lot of ideas what to make for diwali...will try to put in too!!

Sia said...

so many festivals coming up expect to see ur mail box filling up with entries:) have added to my event list.

Mythreyee said...

All the best on hosting your first event. The events rules are very very clear. I shall pitch in definitely.

Sangeeth said...

perfect way of hosting an event.very clear contest rules explanation.hats off. I am in for this diwali celeb...btw just a suggestion...before diwali we have navaratri na....u can host an event for that if not already hosted by someone else....

Priya said...

Diwali event, wat a superb concept...very clear instructions, will be really easy for new bloggers like me...thanks pallavi..

Uma said...

this is a great festive event Pallavi! will surely send something. Best wishes on the event.

Vaishali said...

Nice idea, Pallavi, and I am definitely in.

G.Pavani said...

Hi,first time to ur blog,ur blog looks very nice.Nice event ur conduting.i will try to send some post

anudivya said...

Hey Pallavi, as you requested I have sent the Baked vadai recipe to your event. Have linked you. Will also send the info email shortly.
Good luck with the event!

Meera said...

I will soon send my entry.

Sudeshna said...

Nice event Pallavi, sent my recipes for the event. Hope u like it.

Sangeeth said...

Have sent my entry dear. Hope u got it!

Soma said...

Just sent u my entry pallavi.
Great Event.


Farmacia said...


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