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All of the recipes listed here have been tried and tested by me. The measurements I have here are approximate and taste is a relative term. So, I cannot be held accountable if you dont like it :)) (The smilies ruin the fun of the serious disclaimer talk.. but I cant help it) Please try the recipes at your own risk. That said, you are completely FREE to modify it however you want it to your liking. (Well, I know you dont need my permission for that.. I wont be looking over your shoulder while you cook anyway .. ) But, I would appreciate if you could give me credit if you based your invention on something you read here. All text and images (except the ones that are by third parties) are written with considerable effort and the pictures are my own..So, Please DONT copy or reuse anything without my explicit permission.
Finally, Thats all the legal stuff I have for now.. ;) Thanks for reading..

On this page, I will attempt to answer some questions you may have about A.T.Y. Also, list some links that are interesting/useful resources about food and other related topics.

Origin of many recipes on A.T.Y are from this region:
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

1. How come there are no pictures on some recipes ?
Well, this blog is a work in progress... I started doing this fondly.. and like to do it.. at my convenience... The missing pictures could be attributed to a multiple reasons. Usually that I have not made that thing after I started blogging.. or in some cases, I just completely forgot about the camera while cooking. I'll try my best to add atleast one picture for every recipe..but no guarantees provided.. :)

2.How to read the nutrition labels ?
Read the information here, and you will know everything about the food labels.

3.How do I calculate the calories that show up on some of the recipes on All Things Yummy?
I found a cool website where they provide free analysis of recipes
. As anything in the world, I am not sure this is 100% perfect. But, from the reviews I have read, it seems like a pretty decent one. I will be updating the recipes on A.T.Y. as I find time with the calorie counts. You can do your own analysis too.

4.Whats up with the Gallery ?

My plan is to put all the pictures on this site on that page, so you can look at pictures and go to the recipe from there :) I have not been able to get the time to do it at all though..

This blog template is a highly customized . I have used various resources from many places, wrote custom code to get it to look the way it is. Its a work in progress.
I'd like to thank all my widget code sources.

1.The basic 3 Column Template from here
2.RSS Feed from here
3.Slideshow from here
4.Recent Comments widget and other little related code change ideas from here and here
5.Tabs help from here and here
6.Contact Form from here
7.Popular Pages from here
8.Counter from here
9.Live Traffic Feed from here
10.Feed Subscribers count from here
11.Many many tiny enhancements from many other places on the web.

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