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With this blog, I am sharing my love of food and the joy of cooking with you.. while learning from all of the great cooks out there.. ! Yes, this is the place where I share with readers like you.. my adventures and achievements in that lively, and busy place called the kitchen .. :) (who would want to read about it ? I know.. I think the same.. but apparently it can be interesting.. ;))

My first cooking experiment - Like many things, in life..I learnt cooking .. due to necessity.. ! When i was about 9/10yrs old my mum had flu and was really unwell.. for a few weeks.. no one could come help us then.. So, being the older one in the house, my mum started giving me some basic cooking lessons so, all of us dont go hungry :) The kitchen platform was pretty high.. and I had to put a chair and stand on it, to reach the stove and all my mum's spices in the cupboards on the wall. I didnt know the difference between.. tea powder and mustard seeds.. and my mum would say find little round black balls.. And i will find something and take it to her in the bedroom and ask is it this one ? is it this one ? etc, After a couple of basic curry lessons, I figured I could follow the method for most things.. :) (I used to think all and learnt the hard way that bhindi/okra curry shouldnt need water.. :) I will say most now..) When i was done, I used to fill the kitchen sink up with a million dishes.. ! And one day that week, the maid didnt show up.. and I had to clean them all..and realized how much pain it was.. so, I learnt to use my utensils more effienciently after that :) By the time my mum's flu was gone, I got pretty good at my basic cooking stills. I could make Dal, Alu curry, Egg Curry, Tea for mum n dad and learnt to make curds.. After that time, I have always been interested in trying different things.. and this is the fond collection on those experiments..

"All Thingz Yummy" is a collection of simple and easy everyday recipes from my kitchen. Most recipes are local to Andhra Pradesh(a southern state of India known for spicy food). Also, some North Indian, some fusion ones influenced by multiple cuisines (chinese, american, italian, mexican, thai etc.,) and some age-old traditional recipes ..

I dont claim to be an expert, neither do I spend a lot of time doing it. So, this is a collection of my adaptations of many classic recipes (primarily focussed on the cuisines of India) and some that I discovered while experimenting, some that I learnt from my mum, my grandma, friends and the internet :) You are free to modify and adjust as per your liking. But do let me know if you happen to try anything from here... I would like to hear what you think of it..and if you liked it as much as I did.

These days, I have been interested in trying to learn quick, healthy and tasty (this seems like such a difficult combination !!) recipes. The kitchen is the center of many activities in our house and so, food a big part of many fun things we do.

I am a busy professional living in the USA with my loving husband and very energetic and happy 2 yr old son. So, I only post as time permits.. Do POST YOUR THOUGHTS , THANKS for visiting and come back again for more things yummy!.


All Things Yummy !!!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Pallavi

Came across your blog, quite by accident. I like your story and recipes. My sister is called Pallavi too! Unfortunately, I don't have time to post my recipes...but I'm glad for your recipes.

Pallavi said...

Hi Nayna(Nice Name !!),
Glad to know your sis and I share the same name. Thanks for visiting and for the comments. Do come again.. if time permits and share your thoughts with me..

Archana said...

hey you know what, we share a similar experience. In my case, my mom and dad had gone away to singapore leaving me alone 10 years old with my grandmom. Ofcourse my grandmom fell ill and thats when my moms training fell into place :)

Pritya said...

Dear Pallavi,
All things Yummy Now thats a tall order for oneself :). But if you have been learning cooking even before you could actually reach the stove, then you must have REALLY learnt lots and lots of YUMMY things till now. Look forward to coming here often.

Pallavi said...

Pritya : Thanks for visiting.. and your comments. Well, I am not a cooking expert by any means.. but the concept is that I dont make anything just because its healthy.. or just because its easy.. etc., I only make stuff.. that tastes yummy to me :)) Thats the idea anyway ! More over, I was trying to come up with similar sounding titles for all my blogs.. (All Things Considered, All Things Technical )I would love to see you here more.. and also hear from you :))

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