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Hmm Hobbies..?

Hmm.. Hobbies.. By now, you already know cooking, and trying different foods is one.. :)

Music.. I wont call it my hobby.. Its more like my support system.. something that I cant live without.. Beautifully composed music, and meaningful words.. do wonders with my heart and mind.. :) If you are really interested, you'll find some of favorites listed here ... and some lyrics..

Gardening is a joy. Growing plants is sort of like raising children (well just the growing aspect.. ofcourse.. not the later). Its quite a bit of love and care..and sometimes disappointment and helplessness.. Its important to know the characteristics and temperament of each plant.. And the outcome is just so so rewarding that all the effort always seems totally worthwhile.. When my tiny little vegetable seeds, sprout up to be a nice plant and yield vegetables, that are juicy and tasty.. its so fulfilling :) I am still learning ....

Here are some pictures of my garden last couple of years.

I like anything to do with creativity. Designing things is my passion...whether its a simple cake decoration or a dress or a fruit arrangement or a flower arrangement, or even a complex computer application, its just what gives me the most enjoyment of all.. Nothing fancy but just some of my creative expressions..

Fruit Bouquet

Fresh fruit cake

I think that when I dont HAVE to work, I will may be engage my mind in something like this :)

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