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Onion Vada

3 cups Urad Dal (skinless)
Baking powder (optional)

Oil for frying

Onions (chopped into little pieces)
Curry leaves

Soak the Urad Dal in water, overnight. Drain the water and grind the dal with as minimal water as possible. The thicker the batter, the better it is. Add 1 tsp of baking powder and salt. You can make the vada immediately or let it ferment (let it sit overnight in a warm place) if you'd like. I do it both ways depending on the time I have. Fermented batter vadas are probably more crispy and spongy..

Main Process:
Heat oil for deep frying in a wide kadai (more in glossary).

Mix all ingredients except onion. Take a portion of the batter that you will start with and add onions only to it. Add onions to small portions so that the water from onions doesnt make the batter too loose in consistency. The thicker the batter, the easier it will be to make the vada. Meanwhile, use a slippery cover like a Ziploc bag to make the vada. Place the cover/bag on the countertop. Apply some oil. Now take some batter and spread it like a little disc about half an inch thick and about 3-4 inches wide. Make a hole in the center (like in a donut) with the index finger. Slide the vada slowly into the hot oil. Fry until golden brown. Use a spoon with holes in it (so that the oil drains through it), and pick up the fried vada. Put it on paper towel/tissue paper/newspaper to let the oil be absorbed by the paper. Transfer into the serving container.

Serve hot with coconut chutney or sambhar. If your family is like mine, no amount of vadas will ever be sufficient :) Enjoy !

This recipe goes to WYF - Party Food event hosted by EC @ Simple Indian Food.


FoodyGuru (Srimathi) said...

Hi Pallavi,

I love onion vadai. I have never heard of fermenting the batter over night. Very interesting. Does the vadai drink a lot of oil otherwise?

Uma said...

beautiful vadas! Looks so mouth-watering. Nice description too.

Uma said...

Added you to my blogroll so that I won't miss your posts!

notyet100 said...

onion wada is new for me,..thnks for sharing

Cinnamon said...

Lovely vadas.... with sambhar and coconut chutney.. I cant ask for more :-)
Even I have never heard of fermenting the batter for vadas.. should try next time !!

G.Pavani said...

as i love vada in form this may be different one which i can try

Kitchen Flavours said...

Hi, mouth watering vadas. They r tempting me.

Pallavi said...

foodyguru(srimathi) : I am not sure of oil.. but I think they are crispier when fermented and hold it longer.

Uma: Thanks.. You have been on my list for a while now :)

notyet100:You should definitely try it.

Cinnamon:Let me know how it goes. Be sure to make the batter really thick though.

G.Pavani:Let me know how you like it..

kitchenflavours:Thanks !

Kitchen Flavours said...

There is a suprise for you in my blog. Click here to know what the suprise is,

Shri said...

All time favorite... vada in good shape

Bhawana said...

Hey Pallavi, this is too good. I will try this for sure.

Jayashree said...

Looks good. Like most of the others, I too have never heard of vada with fermented batter.

Geeta said...

Love the vade recipe and the tip re onions...mine always soak up too much oil...must try it and remember to keep the batter thick.

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