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Fried Crisps with Sorghum Or Jowar / Jonna Murukulu

Jowar also called Sorghum or Jonna(in telugu) is a staple in many rural areas of Andhra Pradesh, India. Ok, this is one of the innovative things that came out of my kitchen while my mom and I were trying to figure out a way of using up all the jowar flour I had in my pantry, without spending hours making jonna rottelu or jowar rotis. And this is what we came up with. I'm very excited about sharing this with you. We made this around Sankranthi time, and I am continuing the newly established tradition every year :)

Jowar Flour
Red chilli powder

sesame seeds
coriander powder (optional)
ginger garlic paste (optional)
oil for frying
Muruku Press/Cookie Press

Take a mixing bowl, put the flour into it and add all ingredients to it except butter. In a separate sauce pan, boil water. Add some of this boiling water to the flour. Use a large spatula type spoon and mix the flour with water so that the water is absorbed into the flour and forms lumps. Dont use any pressure. Add some more water and do the same again. Repeat the process until all of the flour is now in a lumpy form.Now warm the butter and add that to the flour. Mix the whole thing so that its solid such that it goes well into the muruku press. Heat the oil in a Kadai. When its done, slowly drop the flour into it in circular movements with a muruku press. I like to use the "lines" setting that gives out flat ribbon like muruku. But, you can use other muruku designs too. You can use high setting. These fry really quickly, so make sure you get them out when they are light brown in color. Drain the oil and let them dry on a tissue. They get crispier only after they are completely dry.

Yummy, crispy jowar muruku is ready to eat.
I would love to hear from you to know what you think of these.

This recipe has been submitted to the JFI-Oct '08 - Whole Grains hosted by Suganya @ Tasty Palettes.
This recipe has been submitted to the RCI-Andhra Festival Foods event hosted by Vani @ BATASARI.
This recipe is being sent to the Original Recipe event @ Culinarty


Lubna Karim said...

Murukulu looks yummy


murukulu looks nice .. never had the ones made from bajra

Usha said...

Hi this looks delicious,I have never tried this with jowar flour we normally use rice flour and besan :) this is my first visit to your blog and you have done a great job with your blog

sridevi said...

wow they look yumyyy and crispy too
we usally make murukku in my house but with bajra they spell different but looks very delicious thanx for this recipe

Pallavi @ All Thingz Yummy said...

Lubna : Thanks.. They taste yummy too :)

vegetable platter: Try them.. they are quite tasty

usha : Thanks ! I'll hope to see you again..

sridevi:Thank u .. they are quite crispy.. my family never gets enough of them.. try them..

Kitchen Flavours said...

I have a suprise for u in my blog. Check out.

Trupti said...

murukulu looks very yummny..nice snack.
Thank you pallavi for considering me for the award. Congratulations to you.

Trupti said...

hey pallavi check my blog for treat

Paru ... said...

Muruku looks very tasty and crunchy..

Nice recipe..


Lore said...

What a delicious tradition! I really love all things crunchy and your crisps have such a wonderful colour!!! Thanks for sharing them with the Original Recipes Round-Up :)

Anonymous said...

hi pallavi

i got a doubt. Is dere is necessary to add salt? i want to try the receipe...

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