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Event : Sunday Snacks Hot n Spicy - Update

Couple of weeks ago, I announced the theme for this month's edition of Sunday Snacks.. with a due date as usual to be the last sunday of December. I will be on vacation next week, and then busy trying to get back to the normal routine again.. I am sure many of my blogging friends are doing the same :) So, for everyone's convenience.. I am extending this edition of Sunday Snacks into January.Send in all the Hot n Spicy Sunday Snacks.. you want.. !!

Thanks ! Looking forward to seeing awesome entries...


"Sunday Snacks - Hot n Spicy"

The theme for December and January. The first thing that comes to mind..when you think this time of the year is..the WINTER.. And ideal foods during the cold weather would be all things that trigger warmth and coziness.. (atleast for me :) something hot or something with a spicy kick.. So, following the mood for cozy warm things, this month's theme would be "Hot n Spicy".

Information for entry:Send the entries in an email to : allthingzyummy(at)gmail(dot)com. Please be sure to copy and paste the email subject (that helps me organize them better).

Email Subject: Sunday Snacks - Hot n Spicy

The following details must be in your email.
Your Name:
Recipe Name:
Recipe Link:

Bloggers - Please don't send any pictures. I'll get them from your blog if I need them. Non-Bloggers can send in pictures.

Due Date: Last sunday of the January. (Jan 25th)

Ingredient Restrictions:
All non-meat stuff is acceptable. Like all other recipes on All Thingz Yummy, please restrict the meats to : Chicken, Shrimp, Lamb/Goat & Fish.

Linking to the announcement:
Each recipe being submitted, must have a link to the specific event announcement.
Linking with logo is encouraged and preferable, but not compulsory.

Multiple Entries/Posting from Archives:
Anything from archives is ok. Reposting is not necessary as long as its properly updated with the event link. Multiple entries ok. Please send all submissions in one email. In case of multiple entries, reposting them is not necessary but please do link each and every individual posts/entries to this announcement so that its easier to link back. Thanks !


meeso said...

Great, I hope to have an entry :)

Trupti said...

thanks for updating me abt this event

vidhas said...

Thanks for extending. My entry is on the way.

Madhu Taneja, Ameeta Atul & Ashima Taneja said...

Hi Pallavi,

I have sent my entry for the event ... hope you got it ...... btw I like the idea of hosting sunday snack events .... it gives a chance to try new things and make special things on Sunday :)

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