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Boondhi Laddu

Boondhi Laddu is the traditional south indian(esp. Andhra Pradesh) sweet made from gram flour and sugar syrup. It is made for various festivals and celebratory occassions in south india including marriage, baby shower, etc.,

2 lbs Besan (gram flour)
2 lbs Sugar

1:1 Oil : Ghee (for frying)
little baking powder

Makes 60 medium sized laddus

Special Utensil:
Boondhi Strainer

Mix the gram flour to medium consistency (like Dosa/Pancake Batter). Pour enough oil + ghee in a heavy wok style pan and let it heat. When it is ready, hold the strainer over it with one hand and pour the batter with the other covering all the holes.
Fry on medium-high/high setting till golden brown. Must cover booondhi immediately and let dry little bit. Almost when you are close to being done with the boondhi, you need to simultaneously, make the sugar syrup.

This is the tricky part. The syrup should neither be too thick not be too light. Use just enough water to melt the sugar (for each cup of sugar add half a cup of water) .Let it cook on low heat and thicken until a single string forms when try to drop the syrup with a spoon. Dont let the syrup cool. It should be very hot.

Sprinkle elaichi powder on boondhi. Add fried Cashew nuts,raisins to boondhi.

Now, pour Sugar syrup on boondhi or viceversa, mix the whole thing and let it soak and set. keep it covered. Right now the syrup is too hot. Let it cool down until its just warm. Again this is tricky. Dont let the mixture become too cold. Hotter is better than colder. So, if you are unsure, try making them when hot. Try not using water while making laddu. Let them cool and air dry. Store in wide-mouthed container.

Enjoy.. yummy laddus.

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