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Methi Chicken

I am always trying to incorporate healthy leafy veggies in our diet..and what better way to do it.. than like this :)

Boneless Chicken - 3 lbs
Methi (Chopped - Frozen/Fresh) - 1 cup

Medium size onion - 1 (chopped)
cloves - 3
oil - 1 Tbsp
salt to taste

For marinade
Ginger + Garlic Paste - 1 Tbsp
Red Chilli Powder (Paprika)
lime juice
coriander powder

Marinate the chicken using the ingredients for marinade

In a wide pan, add the oil, add cloves, chopped onion and saute. Add the methi, let it fry a little. Add the marinated chicken, cover with lid. Cook while stirring occassionally until done.
Add salt and more chilli powder as per taste.

Serve hot with Chapathi/Nan/Rice. Enjoy !

This recipe goes to the Theme for the Month of September - Chicken hosted by Srilekha @ Me and My Kitchen


Rachel said...

Methi in chicken..never thought of that...the dish looks yummy!!

Kalai said...

I'm so trying this! Looks awesome and I love methi! :)

Pallavi said...

Rachel - Thanks for your comments and visiting here.

Kalai - Thanks for your comments and visiting here. Surely let me know how you like it.. once you have a chance to try it..

meeso said...

I really love the flavor of methi in anything I have... so this is looking so tasty right now!

Mona said...

Pallavi, the picture of the curry is just too good, making me hungry. Will give your version a try too sometime, thnx for sharing!

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