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Variety Rice Dishes - Rice Mela

Cooking up different rice dishes is one of my favorite things to do. They are flavorful, most of them are quick to make.. and are filling just by themselves, without additional side dishes.. Most of these are my versions of the popular favorites.. :)

Here are some of the rice dishes at All Thingz Yummy.. (More Rice Dishes here..)

Multicolor Bell Peppers In Rice

Cilantro Rice

Easy Green Peas and Tomato Rice

Chicken Biryani

Raw Mango Pulihora

Gongura Tomato Rice

Seasoned Yogurt Rice

Quick Lentils and Rice/Khichdi

Sending all of these to Srivalli's Rice Mela Event @ Cooking 4 All Seasons:


Sangeeth said...

WOW! those are a great list of yummy varieties....BTW I loved ur bell pepper rice the most :)

Happy cook said...

If you serve me all of these it will be very difficult to choose one, so i think i will choose all of them as they all look so delicious

Uma said...

Lovely entries for the event.

Vibaas said...

yummy list.

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