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Spicy Tofu Veggie Quiche - Sunday Snacks - Hot n Spicy

First of all, let me say this - It was so yummy tasting, the picture hardly does any justice to it.. I would do somethings differently next time to make it pretty looking..

1 Puff Pastry Sheet(or an unbaked pie crust)
1 Onion (medium sized, sliced finely)
1 Firm Tofu packet
1 Cup Mixed vegetables
1 tsp garam masala (optional)
Green chillies paste (adjust as per taste)
Salt as needed
Saute the onions and mixed veggies. Blend tofu with salt, chilli paste,garam masala together, if its too hard to move add some liquid. (Milk or water) If it is too smooth some kind of thickening agent can be added (like corn flour). I just added very little water and thats it. Grease an 8X8 pan.Adjust the pastry sheet in the pan to form as per the shape of the pan you are using. Pour the tofu and veggies mixture into the pan with the pastry sheet in it. And put some veggies on the top. I mixed up all the tofu and veggies and put it in there. But, after trying that, the next time, I think I would save some veggies aside for the top layer so it looks prettier :) Bake as per instructions on the pastry sheet packet. Serve hot. My 3 yr old enjoyed it quite a bit with some ketchup on the side.

Enjoy !

This goes to my Sunday Snacks - Hot n Spicy event that I am hosting this month..


Priya said...

WOoww lovely..looks delicious Pallavi..superb creativity..

Siri said...

Yummy looking Quiche Pallavi..:)


SriLekha said...

looks delicious!

do visit my blog when u find time and join in the savory event going in my blog!
Wish u a very happy new year!

Uma said...

Looks so delicious Pallavi! Wishing you and your family a very happy new year 2009.

Sunshinemom said...

Tofu quiche is something on my list but never tried! I wish you had posted a 'cut' picture too - the whole thing looks great too but just to see the texture I would have loved to see a bite!

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