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Event : Sunday Snacks - Grab n Go

"Sunday Snacks - Grab n Go"

Whether its for the kids when you are going out for a shopping trip.. or for you as a quick mid-afternoon snack at work..just before going to the gym, or a quick breakfast, when you dont have time to make a proper one, grab n go snacks..come in handy for the people who are always.. running around.... Store bought snacks are OK (cereal bars, muffins, potato chips etc.,) But most of them are loaded with sugar/ fat/ sodium.. So, I thought we should have something on those lines for the theme this round..

Anything from a quick bran muffin, oat meal cookies to Cereal bars/ energy bars, nut balls or lentil laddus..any quick snack treats that would provide some relief to hunger with some much needed energy.. Its important they must be healthy.. (not loaded with sugar/fat/sodium ) and Something that we can quickly Grab n Go..wherever..So, great your minds thinking.. about some yummy.. creative.. healthy combinations of grab and go snacks..


I want to try something different with submissions this time and see how it works out :) Please use the Event Submission Form to send in your entries to me. Please try to put all the entries in one submission so that its easy for me to organize.

Bloggers - Please don't send any pictures. I'll get them from your blog if I need them. Non-Bloggers can send in pictures.

Due Date: Last sunday of the March. (March 29th)

Ingredient Restrictions:
All non-meat stuff is acceptable. Like all other recipes on All Thingz Yummy, please restrict the meats to : Chicken, Shrimp, Lamb/Goat & Fish.

Linking to the announcement:
Each recipe being submitted, must have a link to this post.
Linking with logo is encouraged and preferable, but not compulsory.

Multiple Entries/Posting from Archives:
Anything from archives is ok. Reposting is not necessary as long as its properly updated with the event link. Multiple entries ok. Please send all entries in a single submission. In case of multiple entries, reposting them is not necessary but please do link each and every individual posts/entries to this announcement so that its easier to link back. Thanks !

Sorry for the delay in posting the rules for the event !! I hope to see a whole bunch of quick grab n go snacks that are healthy.. and yummy !! Please email me for questions..

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Priya said...

here is my recipe

Gayathri said...

Hi pallavi,
I have submitted my entry

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