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Announcing SundaySnacks - Chaats/Indian Street Food and Roundup of SundaySnacks - Grab n Go

This next edition's theme would be "Chaats/Indian Street Food". Chaats are always great for a nice afternoon snack. Some are really easy to put together and some are a longer process.. whatever it is, I have not eaten a chaat that I didnt love :) When I was in India, I would often eat at the street side mobile chaat shop/carts.. which are everywhere in Hyderabad. During a shopping trip they always came to my rescue for not just snack but lunch and dinner too .. :) I miss all that being here in the US.. I hope to gather all the chaats in one roundup, so that all those "Chaat Lovers" out there can find this useful.. Send in all your favorite chaat recipes..

More details here...

Here are the awesome entries that came in for the Grab n Go theme. Again like always, I am planning to try a bunch of these really soon :) Thanks everyone for participating and sending in these wonderful grab and go food items..

Boiled Rice Flour Ladoo By EC
Idli Manchurian by Jayashree
Alasandala Guggillu - Seasoned Black Eyed Peas by Kalva
Chilly Parota by Gayathri
Spring Rolls using Fillo Sheets by Pavithra Kodical
Soup tagged with fries by Gayathri Hema
Peanut and Almond Balls by Lavanya
Spinach and Feta Pockets by Asha
Spring Rolls by Mona
Cranberry and Oat Bars by DK
Chickpea Cutlets by Mahimaa
Chocolate Almond Muffins by Apu
Microwave Masala Peanuts by Swapna Pravin
Chicken Tacos by Swapna Pravin
Almond Oat Cookies by Poornima Nair
Walnut Raisin Flapjack by Pavani
Oats,Date and Pecan Squares by Ashwini
Microwave Plantain Raw Banana Chips by Sangeetha Jaganmohan
Walnut Raisin Bars by Sangeetha Jaganmohan
Caramel Popcorn by Priya
Rice Crispies Chivda by Supriya Natu
Tapioca Sweet balls by Priyasuresh
Eggless Apricot n Orange Muffins by Priyasuresh
Microwave Butter Popcorn by Priyasuresh
Eggless Chocolate Orange Loaf by Priyasuresh
Grapefruit and Honey Salad by Priyasuresh
Bread Cutlet by Priyasuresh
Mathri and Nimkis by Neha
Sesame Sweet balls / Til Ke Ladoo by Neha
Special Poha by Shree
Crispy Nutty Treats by Pallavi
Low Calorie Savory Corn Muffins by Pallavi
Easy Yummy Granola Flax Treats (Flax Oat Burfi) By Pallavi

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This event series was initiated by Hima of SnackORama and I have been doing it from a while after she left to India and wanted someone to continue this.. Its a fun event.. right from thinking up the event, to posting the roundup, you never know how many delicious yummy surprises you get.. ! If you are interested in hosting this wonderful event, do let me know..


Mahimaa's kitchen said...

yummy round up... thanks for posting my recipe. appreciate it.. love the theme of the next event!

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow so many yummy recipes to grab and go. Nice theme for the coming event....

Asha said...

Yummy munchies to go. Cool theme of street food, I think I have one for you already! :D

Priya said...

Lovely theme for next S&S more delicious snacks many delicious snacks to try out again..

Neha said...

Nice theme, street food, n so many yummy snacks..

EC said...

Chaats are my favourite too..count me in..btw, you forgot my entry in the roundup..boiled rice flour ladoos. Please check and add it.

Divya Vikram said...

Nice roundup!

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