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Announcing Event : Sunday Snacks - Chaats/Indian Street Foods

Sunday Snacks - Chaats/Indian Street Food

Chaats.. !! There is no one thing that comes to my mind .. when I hear the word.. A whole lot of them do... :) Standing on the street side in India and eating up the pani puris as fast as I can.. The hot tava with Alu tikkis.. and Ragda being made.. the "bandiwala" assembling.. some delicious Bhel puri.. Or the family.. waiting in their car for the to-go of the Pav Bhaji.. All these scenes and smells come to my mind.. and makes me want to go to India right now.. and enjoy them all.. :) Well.. I wish I could plan such a trip.. so often as I feel like.. But, whenever I do go.. I make sure I visit all my favorite "Chaat hangouts" and enjoy to my heart's desire..

So, will be this next edition's theme - "Sunday Snacks -Chaats/Indian Street Food". Chaats are always great for a nice afternoon snack. Some are really easy to put together and some are a longer process.. whatever it is, I have not eaten a chaat that I didnt love :) When I was in India, I would often eat at the street side mobile chaat shop/carts.. which are everywhere in Hyderabad. During a shopping trip they always came to my rescue for not just snack but lunch and dinner too .. :) I miss all that being here in the US.. I hope to gather all the chaats in one roundup, so that all those "Chaat Lovers" out there can find this useful.. Send in all your favorite chaat recipes..

(Entries will not be accepted if rules are not followed.)

Due Date:
Last Sunday of the May. (May 31st) (Round up will be posted by the next sunday with a new theme announcement for the future edition)

Ingredient Restrictions:
All non-meat stuff is acceptable. Like all other recipes on All Thingz Yummy, please restrict the meats to : Chicken, Shrimp, Lamb/Goat & Fish.

Linking to the announcement:
Each recipe being submitted, must have a link to this post. (even if it is reposted grouped with others, every individual entry must have a link to this announcement) Linking with logo is encouraged and preferable, but not compulsory.

Multiple Entries:
Please send all entries in a one submission. I have limited the number of submissions to 5 per blog. In case of multiple entries, reposting them is not necessary but please do link each and every individual post/entry to this announcement.

Posting from Archives:
Anything from archives is ok. Reposting is not necessary but again you must link each and every individual post/entry to this announcement.

Please use the Event Submission Form to send in your entries. Please put all the entries in one have until the last day of the event to submit, so take your time but send everything in one submission. That really helps me a lot in organizing.

Before you submit entries -
--Make sure you have included all the required details in the form.
--Make sure all the recipes you are submitting have proper linking to this post. Entries WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED if all rules are not followed.

Please submit your recipes via email. Please include, your name, email address, recipe text and if you'd like to send images, you can include them too. Email your entries to allthingzyummy(at)gmail(dot)com . All other rules of ingredient restrictions, sending multiple recipes in one email.. apply.

Thanks ! And as always.. hope to see a lot of yummy entries.. :)

Here are the roundups for the previous editions of Sunday Snacks Series -

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This event series was initiated by Hima of SnackORama and I have been doing it from a while after she left to India and wanted someone to continue this.. Its a fun event.. right from thinking up the event, to posting the roundup, you never know how many delicious yummy surprises you get.. ! If you are interested in hosting this wonderful event, do let me know..


Asha said...

Good looking logo, will send you one. Thanks for giving us lot of tome, always helps us to plan and post at leisure! :)

Anonymous said...

I love chaat.... but i don't make it at home at all... will try to send something for this event.

srikars kitchen said...

wow.. nice idea.. will send you soon..

Srilakshmi said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog :) Great Theme as I love Street Food! Though I'm a beginner... I Will definitely aim for a couple of entries!

Pavani said...

Nice theme for Sunday snacks Pallavi. We also used to have chaat for lunch/dinner/snack from Gokul chaat especially when shopping.

Uma said...

Nice theme Pallavi! Will try to send something :)

Vaishali said...

What a lovely event. I'll try and come up with something.

Superchef said...

great, i'll try n get something done for this event! :)

Jyotsna said...

Racking my brain for something new to contribute to this event and then print out the round up!

AnuSriram said...

Hope u got mine... Just now sent u!

Shifa Firoz said...

chaat!!! yumm yumm yumm.. im goin gto post one now!!

Avisha said...

I am new to all this,have liked the idea of chaat and will try to send you one for the event.

VnV said...

First time on your blog - can't wait to get my hands on your recipes. Will send you an easy bhelpuri recipe.

Rashmi said...

Hi Pallavi,
Being a chaat lover, I just happend to see your blog yday night and caught the glimpse of the wonderful event. Could resist myself from posting few super hits of my blog :)


Rashmi said...

Hi Pallavi,
Being a chaat lover, I just happend to see your blog yday night and got a glimpse of the wonderful event. Couldnt resist myself from posting few super hits of my blog :)


Rithika said...

I love snack item especially cutlet chaat,so sad that you dont find in US,dont wory i will soon send you the recepies

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