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Blueberry Orange Smoothie

As it gets warmer, its nice to have a refreshing and cold drink. Here is an easy and quick mixed fruit recipe. It is one of the many combinations created by my darling husband... I will be posting more of these mixed fruit recipes as the summer comes along that are refreshing, healthy and the little ones will love them...

1 Cup Blueberries(Fresh/Frozen)
1 Orange (peeled/de-skinned) (Sweet ones work great)

1 Cup Grapes(Seedless Green / Black) - we used both
1 Banana
1 tsp Honey
some crushed ice(optional) - we skipped it this time.

Add all the ingredients to the blender/juicer and blend to form a thick yummy smoothie.
Tastes great with any meal of the day. Its absolutely delicious and quite healthy. Enjoy !
Servings : 4

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