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Sorakaya Garelu(Doodhi,Dudhi,Bottle Gourd )

This is a traditional recipe that makes an easy snack for a lazy cold afternoon.. or even for a potluck. Tastes great too. Many other garelu/vada are crispy. But this one has a softer feeling to it.Try it and let me know how you like it ..

Bottle Gourd/Dudhi/Doodhi/Sorakaya

Rice Flour
Curry leaves
Cilantro (chopped)
Green Chillies(chopped)
Oil for Frying

Peel the skin and thinly grate the fresh sorakaya. Add salt, chopped cilantro and green chillies to this. The grated bottle gourd oozes some liquid as time goes on. Use enough rice flour to use up this water and make a dough of consistency that is easily spreadable. Using too much rice flour will dominate the bottle gourd taste so, be sure to add only as much as needed. Make lemon size balls and press them flat with your fingers into about 3-4 inch diameter discs. Deep Fry in hot oil and remove from it when light brown in color.

Serve hot with any fresh vegetable chutney or ketchup. Enjoy !

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