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Dosa-avakai Pacchadi/Yellow Round Cucumber Pickle

Dosakaya can be made like the regular Avakaya pacchadi(substituting mango pieces with Dosakaya pieces).It tastes pretty good. And is quite easy to make.
There are probably a couple of different ways to make this. This is one that passed on to my mom from my grandma and now to me. My grandma is no more and I remember her fondly while I make and eat this pickle. She was the best :)

10 Dosakayalu/Yellow round cucumbers (cut into 1 inch cubes)

5 tbsp Chilli powder
3 tbsp Mustard Powder
1 tbsp Fenugreek Powder
Salt (use generously)
2 tsp Turmeric
1/2 cup Sesame Oil
Wash and wipe off the cucumbers. Make sure they are very dry. Cut into half, remove all the seeds and dry them again. Meanwhile, heat a pan and Cut them into 1 inch pieces and put them in the moisture free wide mouthed Canister or container where you want to store the pickle.To these pieces, add everything except oil. And mix it well. Once the oil is cooled completely, add to this and mix. Let it be for a day or two.

Serve with Hot rice with a side of ghee/ just with Dosa or Upma. Yumm ! enjoy..
Store in the refrigerator. I'll post an update as to how long it kept well for me when its all gone :) I am guessing probably a month or so.

The oil must be completely cool before mixing it with the dosakaya pieces.Like with all other pickles, make sure all your containers, pans, spoons that come in contact with the pickle are absolutely dry always.. not just during preparation but also later for serving. I remove a small portion, add the regular south indian tempering/tadka and store it in a condiment serving container for daily use.


Happy cook said...

Drool drool. Looks delicious

Priya said...

Yummy pallavi...mouthwatering..

Sangeeth said...

the pic makes me drool...i can feel one avakai pickle in my mouth :)

Shreya said...

I love dosakai pacchadi! But have not tried making it the way mango pickle is made. WIll try this

Uma said...

dosakaya pachadi chala chala baagundi. Yummy!

SMN said...

looks really nice new recipe for me..

meeso said...

I love pickles, but I never make them at home, maybe only once or twice... I'm always tempted by these recipes!

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