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Yummy Healthy Wraps

When it comes to food, my family likes a lot of variety. So, I am constantly trying to make something simple,quick and nutritious too..Especially for the little one. This is a favorite not only for the little one, but the not-so-little ones too :)

Mixed vegetables of your choice
Cheese Slices of your choice(I used american cheese slices for my son and Pepperjack for us :)
Flour Tortillas (Chapathis or Pita Bread might work too)
Black pepper powder as per taste
Salt as per taste
Oil for scramble

TIP: I always stock the frozen mixed veggies pack in the freezer, to use with many things that I make for my son. The pack I use has Green Peas, Green beans, Corn and Carrots.

In a wide pan, add some oil, some veggies and saute until they are semi cooked. Add Egg/Tofu and stir fry until well done.Spinkle salt and black pepper as per taste.

Heat up a Tava/Griddle and warm up the Flour Tortilla, turn to the other side and put some of the egg/tofu scramble mixture in it, put a cheese slice on top of it and fold all 4 sides of the tortilla over it. Turn it to the other side press and let it cook until done. Remove it from the pan, cut it into half and serve.

So, there you go...its a complete has protein from the egg/tofu, calcium from cheese, carbs from the tortilla and some vitamins from the veggies. Serve a Blueberry smoothie on the side.. for a complete meal and the much needed vitamin C.. Enjoy !

This recipe goes to the LunchBox event hosted by Vandana Rajesh.


Mona said...

Can I have some please? They look just too good :-)

Vaidehi said...

delighful and quick recipe.. :)


Happy cook said...

I am sure your little one enjoyed this.
Well this big one also will enjoy it :-)))

Uma said...

ooh! the wraps look so delicious.

Pallavi @ All Thingz Yummy said...

Sure Mona..You can come over to my home anytime :)

Vaidehi : Yes, I like it for that same reason

Happy cook: Yes this big one enjoyed too :)

Thanks Uma..

Supriya said...

Hi Pallavi, very interesting wrap. I make tofu scramble for b'fast, but never thought of adding veggies and using in a wrap. Will surely try this out soon.

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