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Radish Cabbage Curry

I didnt have enough Radish to make the curry, neither did I have enough cabbage.. So, decided to mix them both up and make. It turned out quite tasty actually.. And these days, I buy them both to make them together..

Radish (Grated)
Cabbage (Grated)

Carrot (Grated) (optional)
Green peas
Ginger garlic paste
Coriander powder
Dry coconut powder (optional)
Veggie portions : use more quantity of radish, some cabbage and very little carrot.

Prepare the basic seasoning. Add urad dal also to it. Also, ginger garlic paste and curry leaves to the seasoning. Add the grated veggies to the pan. Stir well. Add salt, coriander powder, red chilli powder, dry coconut powder, stir and let it cook some more. Cook until done. Turn off the heat and serve with rice or chapathi.

Enjoy ! Serves : 4 people

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