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Miscellaneous Information

On this page, I will attempt to answer some questions you may have about A.T.Y. Also, list some links that are interesting/useful resources about food and other related topics.

Origin of many recipes on A.T.Y are from this region:
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

1. How come there are no pictures on some recipes ?
Well, this blog is a work in progress... I started doing this fondly.. and like to do it.. at my convenience... The missing pictures could be attributed to a multiple reasons. Usually that I have not made that thing after I started blogging.. or in some cases, I just completely forgot about the camera while cooking. I'll try my best to add atleast one picture for every recipe..but no guarantees provided.. :)

2.How to read the nutrition labels ?
Read the information here, and you will know everything about the food labels.

3.How do I calculate the calories that show up on some of the recipes on All Things Yummy?
I found a cool website where they provide free analysis of recipes
. As anything in the world, I am not sure this is 100% perfect. But, from the reviews I have read, it seems like a pretty decent one. I will be updating the recipes on A.T.Y. as I find time with the calorie counts. You can do your own analysis too.

4.Whats up with the Gallery ?

My plan is to put all the pictures on this site on that page, so you can look at pictures and go to the recipe from there :) I have not been able to get the time to do it at all though..

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