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Sorakaya/Doodhi/ Bottle Gourd Curry

Bottle Gourd/Sorakaya/Anapakaya/dudhi/Lauki/Opo Gourd etc as it is called, is one of the favorite vegetables of my family. I hardly know anyone that doesnt like this vegetable. This is the curry recipe that you will frequently find on my menu.

2 lbs Sorakaya/Bottle gourd/Kaddhu (peel skin and cut into 1/2 - 1 inch pieces)
1 medium onion (chopped)

3 green chillies (cut into 1 inch pieces)
1 sprig of Curry leaves
Cilantro for garnish
1 tsp Urad Dal for seasoning
1 Tbsp oil
1/2 cup milk

All things needed for the basic seasoning

Heat up a wide pan, add the oil and prepare the basic seasoning. Add ginger garlic paste and urad dal also curry leaves and green chillies. Add the chopped onions. Saute for a few minutes. Then add in the bottle gourd pieces. Stir the whole thing well. Keep stirring until the bottle gourd is half-cooked. Add salt. Cover the pan with a lid. Turn down the heat to medium-low. Remember to stir every few minutes so that the curry doesnt burn. Cook until the bottlegourd is fully cooked. About 15 minutes. Now add the milk. Set the lid aside. Stir. Cook until most of the milk evaporates. Adjust salt and sprinkle some coriander powder and stir. Turn off the heat.
Garnish with fresh cut cilantro.

Serve with Rice/Chapathi. Serves 4 people.

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